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The Seven Springs Story

The Seven Springs flow from the side of a pine-clad canyon into a crystal-clear stream. The springs are just some of the many that feed Long Pine Creek, “Wazihanksa wakpala” to the Lakota Sioux who hunted beneath the towering pines. One particularly tall pine, said to be visible from over 15 miles away, acted as a landmark until Fort Hartsuff soldiers took it to use as a flagpole.

The beauty of the springs drew admirers. Frances Sims Fulton, a young Pennsylvania visitor in 1884 noted, “The water is cool and very pleasant to the taste.” According to historian Grace Weiss, “Seven Springs was a popular place as the water was also credited with containing properties beneficial to health. For a time there was some talk of changing the name of the town from Long Pine to Seven Springs.”

The town’s name did not change, but from the beginning the community of Long Pine recognized and utilized these seven springs to provide cold, clear water to its citizens. Wooden pipes first carried the natural spring water, later a Spring House was built to protect the source.

The unspoiled sandhills provide natural filtration for the water that emerges as the Seven Springs and flows into Long Pine Creek. As the longest self-sustaining trout stream in Nebraska, Long Pine Creek’s watershed is further protected by legislation. The taste of our water reflects its pristine source. While many other bottlers must use reverse osmosis or distillation that removes flavor as well as impurities, our spring water is bottled with all of the natural minerals that give our water its refreshing quality.

Today, residents and visitors of Long Pine enjoy some of the best-tasting water in the world.


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