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railroad panorama

The railroad came to Long Pine in 1881. Long Pine was a major railroad hub, home to a "roundhouse" , or large turntable, where engines were serviced. Passenger and freight trains came over the rails. The last train came through in 1992.

The first railroad bridge was over Pine Creek by Seven Springs, where the trains took on water. This bridge burned in 1905, and the railroad bridge that now stands was built the same year. Today hikers and bikers cross Pine Creek over this bridge as part of the Cowboy Trail. At 115 feet high, the view from this bridge is worth the hike.

A 12-bedroom Crew Dormitory, or Bunkhouse, was constructed in 1971 near the train depot. A second depot was built in 1909. The depot that now stands was constructed in 1965. This was the last agency between Norfolk and Chadron. Today, the City of Long Pine offers lodging at the Bunkhouse. The depot is slated to become Long Pine's Railroad Museum. 

railroad bridge