The First Methodist Church

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The First Methodist Church

Long Pine was located as a town site June 1881, before arrival of the railroad in October 1881. The first Methodist Church was organized in late 1881 or early 1882. They met in the Skinner Hall, a room over the Charles Clift Cafe, a building just north of the Strelow Drug Store. The Methodist Church used the building in the morning and the Congregational Church used it in the afternoon. While the Methodist and Congregational worshiped in the same building, a Community Ladies Aid was organized and the money earned was equally divided between the two churches.

On July 18, 1886 the first Methodist Church was dedicated with a membership of 87 members. The church was located on Lot 12, Block 3 of Kyners Addition. It was a rather long building. The church cost $1500. The address where this church sat is now 497 N. Elm.


This Church was destroyed by a cyclone in 1907. A new Methodist Church was built on lots 11 & 12, Block 3 of Kyners Addition. The new church was dedicated to Melvin P. Eighmy, a minister's son, in 1908. The parsonage at 154 W. 6th St. was built in 1910, which is located just east of the Methodist Church. In 1924 a community room was built on the north side of the church. This room was used by everyone in the community, including the school. In 1941 the Community Room was sold to the Bassett High School, due to the church being in financial trouble. In 1974-75 the parsonage was sold for $4500.

In the past 20 years there has been a sharp decrease in the membership of the Church. Long Pine and Springview Methodist Churches share a Minister.


Methodist Church

Thanks to memorials and donations to the church the finances are in the black. The 1999 membership was 19 members.

The information above was compiled through research from the Long Pine Heritage Society Archive, May, 1999